St James’s Gate is a relatively new pub in Amsterdam.

Named after the entrance to the home of Guinness in Dublin, St James’s Gate is situated in the Rembrangtplein which is in the heart of Amsterdam. This busy square is humming in the summer with its terraces and a veritable hotspot for Amsterdam nightlife.

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“The Gate” has one of the biggest terraces in Amsterdam with heating devices fitted in every umbrella!

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14:25 Tour De France Etappe 10
21:00 Spain v France (UEFA Euro 2024 Championship Semi Final)


12:25 Tour De France Etappe 11
21:00 Netherlands v England (UEFA Euro 2024 Championship Semi Final)


13:45 Tour De France Etappe 12


14:45 Tour De France Etappe 13
21:00 England v Ireland (UEFA Womens Euro 2025 Qualification)


09:05 New Zealand v England (Rugby Union Friendly)
11:45 Australia v Wales (Rugby Union Friendly)
13:00 Tour De France Etappe 14
16:00 Down v Laois
16:00 Ajax v Rangers (Friendly Club Match)
17:00 South Africa v Ireland (Rugby Union Friendly)
21:00 Argentina v France (Rugby Union Friendly)


11:50 Tour De France Etappe 15
17:00 Donegal v Galway
21:00 UEFA Euro 2024 Championship FINAL